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    Security forces shot down 69 terrorist in Jammu and Kashmir in 2020

    Srinagar: The terrorist organization Hizb has received the biggest blow this year in Jammu and Kashmir. Official figures show that out of a total of 69 terrorists killed so far, Hizbul has 22 terrorists, including some commanders. The organization has also lost its chief commander Riyaz Naiku.

    The month of April has been extremely deadly for the terrorists in Kashmir, but the Hizb suffered the most. According to data compiled by the Jammu and Kashmir Police, a total of 69 terrorists were killed in Kashmir from January 2020 in the anti-terror operations launched by the security agencies, police, army, which were associated with various organizations. Of the 69 terrorists, 20 were unknown. It is believed that these 20 foreign terrorists were killed in various encounters, who managed to sneak to this side of the Line of Control early last year.

    Out of a total of 69 terrorists, 18 died in Jammu region while 47 terrorists were killed in Kashmir. According to official figures, “all the 20 local terrorists of Hizbul Mujahideen were killed. 6 terrorists of Lashkar were killed and 11 terrorists of Jaish were killed. Three of Ansar Gazwat and three of Islamic State were killed. Among them local and three foreigners Statistics show that three terrorists of Ansar Gajwatul Hind (AGH) and three terrorists of Islamic State of J&K have been killed since January this year.

    The Hizb lost its chief operating commander Riyaz Naiku, who had been active for the past eight years. He was killed along with his accomplice. The police termed Naiku’s death a major success for the security forces and claimed that his death has broken the back of terrorism in Kashmir.

    Police records show that 20 unknown terrorists have also piled up this year in which five were killed in an encounter in North Kupwara district, in which five soldiers, including a Special Army Officer (JCO), were also killed. Statistics show that 18 terrorists were killed in the month of January, 7 in February and 7 in March, 28 in April and 5 in May so far. Statistics show that most militants were killed in the southern districts of Kashmir.


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