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    Six month old child is not getting treatment, forced mother of RML

    Non-covid patients are facing treatment difficulties in the capital amid the rapidly increasing number of Corona patients. Patients are wandering around for treatment. A woman resident of Indrapuri, East Delhi, has been visiting the Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital for a long time with her 6-month-old baby, but her child is not getting treatment. Similarly, an elderly woman living in Mongolpuri area is also upset due to lack of treatment. However, the government has issued orders to government and private hospitals saying that they will not refuse treatment.

    Nazima, who lives in Indrapuri, has a 6-month-old baby’s abscess. The child keeps crying all day. Can’t even sleep at night. Carried with RML. It was told that the child is to be operated. When we went to the hospital on 1 May, the doctor asked us to come on 6 May. Went on Wednesday, say first get corona test done, then MRI and other tests will be done. She also asked to go to another hospital. In this regard, RML spokesperson Smriti Tiwari said that OPD was never closed in our house.

    Negligence: Operation stated necessary but not treated

    Manoj Kumar’s mother Kebla Devi, who hails from Prem Nagar area, suffered a hand injury before the lockdown. At that time, he was taken to the Emergency of Sanjay Gandhi Hospital. The hospital plastered at that time. But now they are not getting treatment. Dr. PS Nayyar, Medical Superintendent of Sanjay Gandhi Hospital said that OPDs are operational in the hospital. I am not aware of this.

    Problem: went to two government hospitals but did not get treatment

    65-year-old Akbar Ali, living in Maujpur, had a heart attack on the morning of 4 May. He was taken to GB Pant Hospital. Ali’s daughter Samreen said that GB Pant returned to the hospital saying no to bed. After this he went to Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital. There Corona admitted to the ward of suspected patients, but did not receive any treatment. Now with the help of philanthropists, they are forced to undergo treatment in a private hospital.

    Family upset due to cancer treatment

    Irfan Ali, a resident of Kabir Nagar in Shahdara, has cancer and was undergoing treatment at Delhi State Cancer Hospital. Irrfan’s brother Akeel said that he had undergone chemo therapy in the hospital for the last time in February. After this, his therapy has not been done. Refuse treatment at the hospital. Just went on May 4 and then asked to come later. If they do not get treatment, then the condition will be worse. Chemo therapy takes place three times a month and three months have passed since no therapy. Chemo therapy provides little relief. We have had to sell property and vehicles for treatment. When he went to a private hospital, he demanded a lot of money there. We do not have so much money left now. Ask for 25-30 thousand of a test.


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