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    Sonia Gandhi again attacked on the center, asked – when Chinese intrusion did not happen, how and why did 20 soldiers die?

    New Delhi: Congress President Sonia Gandhi on Friday again raised questions on the infiltration of the Chinese army in East Ladakh, attacking the Modi government at the Center. In this video released by the Congress, Sonia Gandhi accused the Modi government of not giving a clear answer to the intrusion. He asked whether the government will take the country into confidence by clearing the situation in this matter.

    Sonia Gandhi said in this video, ‘Today the Congress and the citizens of the country are celebrating the Salute Day by paying tribute to the martyrdom of our 20 soldiers. The country will always be grateful to these soldiers who have attained heroism in the Galvan Valley. He said that the Congress and the entire country are standing with the army and soldiers, in such a situation the government cannot step back from its responsibility.

    He said, ‘The Prime Minister says that there has been no intrusion in our country, but the Defense Minister and the Ministry of External Affairs often discuss Chinese intrusion in large numbers. Army generals, defense experts and newspapers are also showing satellite photos to confirm Chinese incursions.

    Sonia asked, ‘Today when we are bowing down to the martyrs, the country wants to know how and why the martyrdom of 20 of our soldiers happened if there was no intrusion according to the Prime Minister? How will the government take back the land occupied by Chinese army in Ladakh after gusto? Is China violating our terrain integrity by building bunkers in the Galvan Valley and Pengangtso area? ‘ He finally said that will the government take the entire country into confidence on this subject? Sonia said that today the whole country stands steadfastly with the army and soldiers, in such a situation the central government should give full support, support and strength to the army, this is true patriotism.


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