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    The journey from Pandukeshwar with Rawal and Dharmadhikari reached Badrinath, the doors will open tomorrow at 4.30 AM


    • After the opening of the kapat, Badrinath will be anointed with sesame oil, about 30 people will be present

    Badrinathji’s doors will open at 4.30 AM on Friday, 15. For this, on Thursday, the journey of Pandukeshwar with Rawal Ishwar Prasad Namboodari and Dharmadhikari Bhuvanchandra Uniyal has reached Badrinath. Following the rules of lockdown, the yatra included administration, temple committees and a few people from some regions. The distance from Pandukeshwar to Badrinath is about 22 KM.

    About 30 people will be present in Badrinath

    According to information received from Joshi Math SDM office, this time due to corona virus, the rules of lockdown will be followed in Badrinath. Very few people are allowed to be present here when the doors are opened. Here the Rawal, the Dharmadhikari, the representative of the Tehri King, less than 33 percent of the temple committee and a few permitted people will be allowed to visit the temple.

    Dhanvantari will worship God for freedom from pestilence

    Kapatas will be opened after worshiping Ganesha at 4.30 AM on Friday. At the opening of the kapat, along with Badrinath, special worship will also be done to Lord Dhanwantari. Dhanvantari is the god of Ayurveda. There will be a prayer to end the worldwide epidemic.


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