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    The Naxalite of Dantewada, on which CRPF will give a reward of 5 lakh to his mother, 3 days ago, the Assistant Commandant came home with a doctor

    CRPF, the mother of the dreaded Naxalite Budhara, is going to get treatment. This is the first time that the CRPF will treat a Naxalite family. Naxalite Budhara carries a reward of five lakhs.

    One leg of Budhara’s mother dries and falls black like wood. The disease is now reaching the other leg as well. The condition is that now it has become difficult to move. Due to financial constraints, she could not get her treatment and has been suffering from this pain for the last 8 years.

    When the CRPF 195 battalion got the news of this, it was decided that it would treat the mother of its biggest enemy Naxalite, Budhra. Three days ago, CRPF Assistant Commandant Sanjay Chauhan along with his team reached the house of the Naxalites with a doctor and an ambulance. First distributed a little baggage and then started treatment.

    Mother did not know when son became Naxalite

    Budhara’s mother and wife live with the rest of the family in Pakhnachua village, 50 km from Dantewada. Dule says that he did not know when the son became a Naxalite. He left home at night 10 years ago. A month later, it was found out that he had joined the Naxalite organization, not returning after that.

    Budhara is the elder son of his parents. There are two younger brothers, who live in the village and work as laborers. His father and brothers say that Budhara left us nowhere. Budhara, no matter how big a leader of the Naxalites, is not worried about his ailing mother and family. We also do not want to have any relation with him.

    28-year-old Budhara Sodhi is the LGS Commander of the Darbha Division of Naxalites. A reward of 5 lakh rupees is declared on it. He has been working for the Naxalite organization for years. He has also been involved in the murder of MLA Bhima Mandavi, the cameraman of Doordarshan.

    SP arrived home on 14 March, now panicked Naxalites sent Sukma

    SP Dr Abhishek Pallav had also reached Naxalite Budhra’s house on 14 March. Meet the family and distribute the items they need. He also asked family members for help in surrendering Budhara. Now SP says that they have received information that Naxals have sent Budhara away from home area towards Sukma. The Naxalites have kept Budhara under surveillance as well, fearing that Budhara might surrender somewhere.


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