UP government will reduce expenses, new vehicle will not be bought, officers will travel in economy class

Coronavirus- India TV

The economy of Uttar Pradesh, which is facing the Corona crisis, is on the verge of destruction. Due to the closed business activities and heavy expenditure on public welfare, now the UP government has decided to reduce the expenses. Under this, the movement of state officials has also been limited. They will now have to travel in economy class. Along with this, the meetings will also be only through video conferencing. With this, the purchase of new vehicles has also been banned.

In order to cut the expenses being incurred by the Uttar Pradesh government, for the next one year any type of new construction has been banned, only those constructions are allowed which are very important to complete. The government said that non-essential posts should be abolished. If someone is working on them, you will adjust elsewhere. With this, it has been clarified that no new posts will be created this year.

According to the government’s guidelines, 25 per cent of the expenditure will be reduced on government tour, office expenses, advertising, etc. Video conferencing will be done instead of official tour of the officials. At the same time, the officers will now go in economy class. The seminars will be held in government places instead of workshop hotels. At the same time, no new car will be purchased this year.


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