Violence after 45 years on China border: Colonel and 2 soldiers martyred in Galvan valley of Ladakh

दो साल में ये पहला मौका है, जब श्रीनगर में इस तरह की मुठभेड़ हुई है। -फाइल फोटो

The India-China border dispute is now turning into a big tension. On Monday night, there was a violent clash between the soldiers of the two countries in the Galvan Valley of Ladakh. In this, a colonel of India and two soldiers were martyred. The colonels who were martyred were the commanding officers of the Infantry Battalion.

After 45 years, 1975, there have been such situations on the India-China border, when the soldiers of India have been martyred. No shot was fired this time. Stones occurred among the soldiers. The others were attacked with sticks.

In retaliation by Indian soldiers, 5 Chinese soldiers have been killed and 11 soldiers have been injured. It was first confirmed by the Chief Reporter of the Chinese newspaper, The Global Times. However, he later said that he had said this to the Indian media.

According to the news agency Reuters, China’s foreign ministry has said that India should not act unilaterally, otherwise the difficulties will increase. At the same time, Chinese newspaper The Global Times quoted China’s Foreign Ministry as saying that the border was agreed between the two countries, but the Indian soldiers broke it and crossed the border.


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