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    Ticket reservation counters will be open at some railways stations

    New Delhi:

    The Railway Board has decided to open some ticket reservation counters for the resumed special trains. These reservation counters will be at the stations from where the train will run and stop at the stations. However, these counters will not be opened for all passengers. Only special class passengers will be booked here.

    From these counters, booking will be done for HOR holders, former and current MPs, MLAs and members of the Legislative Assembly, freedom fighters, some special category passengers with full reimbursable warrants / vouchers etc. At the same time, the Union Home Ministry also released the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for the train journey on Monday.

    With this, the Ministry has made it clear that only those people who have a confirmed ticket and who do not have signs of infection will be allowed to travel. Union Home Secretary Ajay Bhalla said in the order that it will be mandatory for all passengers to enter the railway station premises and wear masks during the journey and to comply with the social distance law.

    “Only those passengers who have confirmed e-ticket will be allowed to enter the station,” the order said. Passengers and drivers of vehicles transporting them will be allowed to travel to the railway station on the basis of confirmed e-ticket. ”

    The order states that the Railway Ministry will ensure that all passengers are compulsorily examined and allowed to board the train only when there are no signs of infection. The Ministry of Home Affairs said that sanitizers will be made available to all passengers at the station and in train coaches.

    According to the order, travelers reaching the destination must comply with the health regulations set by the respective state and union territory. It is noteworthy that for the first time after the lockdown implemented on 25 March, 15 trains will depart from Delhi for various destinations on Tuesday and the booking of tickets to travel in it will start on Monday.


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